SOS Chilesauce Socks - 6"  Red

SOS Chilesauce Socks - 6" Red

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These red 6" socks feature our Chile Pepper Bike Shop Chilesauce logo and a green band at the top just like your favorite hot sauce.

SOS Socks standard design is anything but standard. We use core-spun 
COOLMAX® fabric which is the best of both worlds; unsurpassed moisture management and LYCRA® sport stability. Our specific knitting machines place the COOLMAX® fabric on the inside of the socks where it controls moisture from the foot; while the 3-ply nylon is used on the outside of the sock for strength and durability. The core-spun yarn is the most efficient way of knitting LYCRA® fabric into the foot of the sock and still allow both the COOLMAX® fabric and nylon to be sandwiched together. The cool designs are just a disguise; it’s a unique 
construction of the best materials and is unmatched anywhere.